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jon payne digital marketing specialist

You clever old thing… this site isn’t even officially live yet. I’m Jon Payne, founder and director of a few successful businesses (and a couple of downright failures). The successful organisations have helped businesses sell more of their products or services using digital –  through effective deployment of inbound marketing strategies. Which means that the client is able to attract web visitors and convert the best of them into sales leads.

Often there’s an element of enabling (and training) the sales team to close more new business deals too, typically by helping them get to grips with the concept of a new CRM which automates a good deal of their work. Sometimes there’s a bit more stick than carrot with the more traditional types but we get there in the end.

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimisation, UX Testing, sculpting buyer journeys, setting up reporting systems, CRMs and marketing automation systems… I love it all – more the strategy and the building and training of teams to do it, rather than the actual doing these days but I still roll my sleeves up and get stuck in, if the mood takes.

If you’re looking for a speaker with some juicy case studies or a part time Marketing Director with real world experience, hit me up.